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Best Mochi Ice Cream Recipe (Simple!)

by Amazing Creations
Best Mochi Ice Cream Recipe (Simple!)
Best Mochi Ice Cream Recipe (Simple!)

Hello, readers! Today I will write about one of my favorite desserts. I had my first taste of mochi ice cream at a Japanese restaurant some years ago, and it was love at first bite. The cold chewy treat without overbearing sweetness was the perfect cap for dinner. Since then, I had tended to purchase the dessert from specialty international markets and Costco. But as you likely realize (from this blog), I love DIY projects and preparing my own edible goodies. So more recently, I have been making my own mochi ice cream. I am relieved to say that it is among the easier projects on this website. There are still some tidbits you should keep in mind before you get started:

Tips for Mochi Ice Cream

Best Mochi Ice Cream Recipe 1
  • Do not use your bare hands or utensils without wetting them. Mochi is extremely sticky. Cornstarch is also your friend.
  • Be sure to wet the tools immediately after you are done, as this will make the process of mochi removal much easier!
  • Also be sure that the utensils and the ice cream are…cold. Warmer utensils and melting ice cream will make the process more difficult.


  • Tray
  • Our family non-stick Teflon sheets are ideal, but parchment paper is okay too.
  • Plastic wrap
  • Ice cream scoop or spoon
  • Measuring cup
  • Bowl
  • Whisk


  • 1.5 Cups Ice Cream (my choice: vanilla)
  • 1 Cup glutinous sweet rice flour
  • ¼ Cup Sugar
  • 1 Cup Water
  • Corn or potato starch


  1. To start, line the tray with non-stick Teflon sheet or parchment paper. Use an ice cream scoop or a spoon to scoop 2 tablespoon sized scoops of ice cream. There should be 10-12 scoops. Line them up on the tray, then place the tray into the freezer.  
  2. Mix the sweet rice flour, water, and sugar in a microwavable bowl, then cover with plastic and microwave for about a minute. 
  3. Now, you can take out the mixture and place it on the counter. Be sure to take care of any lumps by properly mixing, and whisking if necessary. Then cover again and microwave for another minute.
  4. After wetting the spatula with water, mix again, and then microwave for a final time for 30-45 seconds.   
  5. Put down a great piece of Teflon sheet (or parchment paper) on the counter.  It should then be covered with cornstarch.
  6. After dipping the spatula in water, use it to pick up dough from the doughy mixture, to be placed on the sheet with cornstarch. Dust more cornstarch on the top portion of the dough.  

Must Follow

  1. You can now begin to roll the dough covered with cornstarch into rectangular shapes. Just be certain that all parts of the dough are dusted with cornstarch, as this is essential.
  2. Now put the Teflon sheet/parchment paper with the dough on a cookie sheet and then into your refrigerator. Wait for half an hour.  
  3. Following the wait, you can cut circles on the dough, using a cookie or a biscuit cutter. If you are unable to attain these, you can use a drinking glass.
  4. Pick up one of the circular pieces of dough, and then take out single scoop of ice cream from the freezer. Place the scoop of ice cream into the center of the circular dough.  Be sure to wrap the dough around the ice cream, with the edges meeting at a central point to form an enclosed sphere. Then squeeze to ensure a seal.
  5. You can then wrap each ball of mochi with plastic wrap in order to conserve the shape. Follow these steps for each circular dough/scoop of ice cream until you have the mochi ice cream balls.
  6. Place the finished product inside your freezer and wait for at least two hours before taking out for consumption.
  7. After you take out the ice cream, be sure to let it sit for a few minutes, as it will be a more ideal texture once the flour is softened.

More Tips for Mochi Ice Cream

I hope that this homemade treat will fulfill your gustatory desires. And I am truly happy for those who will have their first experience with this dessert. For the rest of us, we get the fulfillment of creating our own spin on this Eastern favorite.

  • Be certain that you are using sweet rice flour.
  • Use more cornstarch if you have found the mochi to be stickier than you had expected. And again, Teflon sheets are ideal for non-sticking.  😉
  •  Consume the mochi ice cream within a month for best taste.

Consider following my page for more DIY projects. In addition to the Teflon sheets used in this recipe, our family also offers Bo Tree Pets Hemp Oil for Pets. If you have an anxious dog or a cat, our natural elixir may be just what you seek!

Until next time! 😊

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