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Coffee! Coffee! Coffee Recipe!

by Amazing Creations
Coffee Recipe

A winter morning with a cup of hot coffee, a newspaper with a cup of coffee, an office desk with a cup of coffee, a friend’s hangout with some cold coffee; Coffee is the ideal companion in every situation of your daily activity. A sip of coffee is enough to make the day cheerful. Why not learn some coffee ideas? Every people more or less need coffee for a fresh mood. So, have a look at the given three coffee ideas

Ristretto Coffee Recipe

This kind of coffee is denser than espresso. It is more intense in taste and color. To make ristretto, grind the dry coffee beans. Take the powder into the coffee machine and let the coffee be made in half of the time of making an espresso, perhaps 12 or 13 seconds. Ristretto is kind of similar to a double espresso.


If you are a person to have a very dense and intense coffee for a fresh start of the day, then ristretto is the right choice. This coffee is made 1:1 proportionally. Hence ristretto is probably the most intense coffee of all other types.

Americano Coffee Recipe

Americano is a mixture of espresso with hot water on it or a mixture of hot water with espresso on it.


Pull a shot of espresso and slowly pour it on a cup of hot water. Very simple and easy recipe with a good dietary value – it is Americano. If you are someone careful about good health, then have a cup of Americano regularly in the morning.

Frappuccino Coffee Recipe

So far you got to watch some coffee which is all for good health. Now let’s dive into something fancier to have during a hangout or just chilling out. It is none other than a frappuccino coffee. Here, Coffee Recipe, This one is a well-known coffee with a good variation in flavors.


Making frappuccino is fancy too. Take a portion of espresso, whole milk, and two handfuls of ice cubes in a blender. Now add 2 tbsp caramel sauce with 1 tsp of xanthan jam in it. Blend it well. Pour into a glass. Make whipped cream and add it to the top. Use any flavor of syrup like caramel, chocolate, vanilla, or pumpkin on the top of the cream. Now the delicious frappuccino is ready!

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