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DIY Fall Tea Towel Craft

by Amazing Creations
DIY Fall Tea Towel Craft

Create decorative fall tea towels using a Cricut or Silhouette machine and heat transfer vinyl (HTV) for Towel Craft.

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The change of seasons brings cooler temperatures and falling leaves. As the days get shorter and the holidays approach, now is the time to begin fall crafting. This project is the perfect blend of simplicity and creativity for the season.

For the crafty DIYers out there, Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) offers so many possibilities. You can customize everything from T-shirts and totes to pillows and potholders. Use your custom designs to decorate your home or to give as gifts. 

Towel Craft

These towels truly are multipurpose. Use them to decorate your kitchen for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any occasion. Just by hanging them and adding a few miniature pumpkins you can have your kitchen all set for fall. Hang some Christmas towels and add a few berry sprigs and cinnamon sticks and your kitchen will be a jolly spot for the holidays.

DIY Fall Tea Towel Craft

If you begin crafting early enough, you can create some terrific Christmas gifts. For example, try grouping the towels with a homemade pie as a gift for a neighbor or friend. If you’re off the hook and not hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, take a custom towel along with a dessert as a gift to the hostess. You’re certain to be invited back next year! 

Tea Towel Craft

However, If you’re hosting guests for the holidays, hang some decorative towels in the guest bathroom.  These tea towels can even be used as placemats.

If you typically find yourself agonizing over your child’s teacher Christmas gifts, pair these towels with some homemade baked goods and your gift will stand out among the many scented candles and #1 Teacher mugs.

Here are some additional ideas for these tea towels:

  • bridal shower gift
  • housewarming gift
  • custom placemats
  • Sew two together to make a pillow
  • Sew together to make a tote
  • Transfer a favorite recipe as a gift
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The possibilities for this project are endless. Besides the fall towels, you could make some with Christmas designs to add to your Christmas decor. 

In addition to customizing tea towels, you could personalize dinner napkins for Thanksgiving. Imagine setting each place with a custom napkin for each dinner guest. Have fun creating!

To make these simple towels, you will need for DIY Fall Tea

  • A blank tea towel (one or more, like these) cotton fabric is preferable
  • Heat-press or household iron
  • A cut file of your choice
  • Silhouette or Cricut machine
  • Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) in your color choice (there are many options such as glitter, metallic, solids and prints)
  • Teflon pressing pillow or protective heat-resistant surface

After gathering all of your supplies, you will need to decide on a cut file. This is the most complicated part of this craft because there are so many options. Numerous ideas and choices can be found on sites such as Etsy. Many crafting blogs offer free downloads, or if you’re skilled with Photoshop, you can create your own design.

While preparing your image in your software, be sure to size it to fit the dimensions of your tea towel. Take a quick measurement using a tape measure or ruler and edit your image to the size you want to fit on your towel.

Next, cut your vinyl using your machine.

IMPORTANT for Towel craft

Be sure to flip or mirror the image before cutting or any text in your design will be backward. Use the appropriate cutting settings based on the HTV that you have chosen. (Some thicker vinyl such as glitter vinyl requires greater cutting pressure.) Cut out the design (for Towel craft) on your chosen vinyl.

Weed your design, discarding the large pieces and using weeding tools to free the more delicate pieces. Check over your vinyl design to be sure you have removed all the pieces that should be removed (if you miss any, you will not be able to remove them once they have been ironed onto your towel.). Lay the design on your tea towels to be sure it fits the way you have envisioned.

Be aware

Before transferring the vinyl, use a Teflon Pressing Pillow and iron any wrinkles out of the tea towels to ensure a smooth surface for the vinyl transfer. Center the vinyl design on the tea towel and press firmly with iron at 325°F for 10-15 seconds. Be sure to cover the entire design while pressing so the vinyl adheres to the fabric.

Carefully peel away the clear transfer plastic while the design is still hot. ( If for any reason the vinyl doesn’t adhere to the fabric, press for an additional 10 seconds). Check to be sure the vinyl has adhered to the fabric and peel away the clear transfer plastic.

Ta-da! Now you have a completely custom fall tea towel to display in your kitchen! These simple steps can be used repeatedly to create any number of HTV projects.

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