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Do These 5 Things to Spring Clean

by Amazing Creations
Spring Cleaning

Declutter and Refresh Your Home by Spring Clean

Spring cleaning with pink gloves

Say “good-bye” to the gloominess of winter and “hello” to beautiful Spring! The changing of seasons often prompts a change of wardrobe. While you’re in your closet shifting your jackets to the back, you may notice that your home needs a complete Spring Clean.

Don’t let the idea of a clean-out intimidate you. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be complicated. An organized approach with careful planning can make clearing out those dust bunnies quite simple and refreshing. These 5 things will get you on the right track to clearing and cleaning out your home.

1. Method to Madness: Clean Room by Room

Cleaning your entire house may sound overwhelming. It becomes a less daunting task if you tackle it one-room-at-a-time. Pick a room to begin in and work on that room ONLY. 

Focus on cleaning sections of the room that aren’t cleaned as often, like under beds and behind furniture. 

Move furniture, and vacuum under the beds…you’re guaranteed to find things that have gone missing throughout the winter. Takedown curtains or blinds and clean them before re-dressing your windows.

It may also help to only focus on one room per day or week, depending on how much needs to be done in Spring Clean.

Cleaning hardwood floors

2. Declutter and Organize

Cleaning, decluttering, and re-organizing can freshen up a space. Get rid of things that clutter up your rooms. Organizing experts agree that organizing has a contagious effect…just begin somewhere. Before you know it, you will be organizing the entire house. Simply clearing out clutter will improve the appearance of a space.

Empty the closet to give all nooks and crannies a good cleaning. While the contents of the closet are out, sort through the items and organize them before returning them to their home. Be hard on yourself about what you decide to save; letting go of clutter can be very liberating.

If you’re concerned about waste, donate gently used items to a shelter or organization that can make use of your items. Be more selective about purchases to break any bad habits of accumulating more “stuff.”Clean, organized closet

3. Go Deep

When was the last time you peered into the depths of your oven? Your oven is a workhorse; take some time to deep clean it. To protect the bottom of your oven and make cleaning a breeze for the future, consider lining it with a non-stick Teflon sheet

Take appliances off your counters and move large items such as the refrigerator to clean behind it. While you have the fridge moved out of its place, take the time to vacuum the coils…when is the last time you’ve done that?  

Empty out the pantry and give it a good clean. Go through the items carefully before replacing them. When did you last check the expiration dates? If you have canned goods that are older than your children’s, it’s time to toss them out. 

Shampoo any carpet or rugs, dust can really build up in them, especially if you have pets in your home.Pantry, organized jars

4. How’s your view?

If your view isn’t as sunny as it once was, is that because your windows are grimy? Give your windows a good scrubbing: inside and out. This will really brighten up your home and improve your outlook on life. 

Take special care to clean the window screens, where dirt and dust make a home. Giving them a good cleaning will allow more of that summer sun to shine in. If you’re not a fan of strong chemical cleaners, try a homemade approach like this one.
Clean window

5. Birds and Ants in Spring Clean

Remember to look high and low. Getting down to ground level will help you to notice items that may get overlooked, such as baseboards. When was the last time you cleaned your baseboards?

Those vaulted ceilings are lovely unless they are sporting spiderwebs way up high. Be sure to clean ceiling fans and hard-to-reach shelves and moldings. CAUTION: always enlist someone’s help if you must use a ladder to clean up high. Summer is no fun in a cast.

You’ve Got This for Spring Clean

Don’t try to tackle the whole house in one day. Taking a slow, organized approach will have your home clean and you will be enjoying your summer in no time.

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