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Make Paper crafts with unused papers

by Amazing Creations
Paper Crafts

Paper Craft, is a craft using unused papers like old newspapers. Newspapers are one of the daily necessities of your life. Though daily news is easily found online, many prefer reading newspapers in hand. So, every day these papers pile up at home and are thrown away or sold out when creating a mess. Why not make some amazing crafts with these papers? Here is a brilliant way to reuse your daily newspapers to make something that is needed by Paper Crafts.

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Flour is a very common cooking ingredient that you use to make different bread items and snacks at home. Have you ever thought to use it in making crafts?


Newspapers and flours are a very good combination. Here are some ways of how flour is surprisingly helpful to combine with newspapers in making crafts.

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Flour and newspapers

Ingredients for Paper Crafts

Take 5 to 10 newspapers or more as needed. Then split it and tear it into small pieces. Then add some water to let it soak in it. When the papers are damp, make them as a paste with hands. Make sure not to add too much water.

The next ingredient is flour. Flour is a dry powder but when water is added, it becomes sticky. If you mix water in little portions with the flour, at one moment it will turn into a paste. It will feel like glue. So, take 3 to 4 cups of flour, mix water in small amounts to make glue-like consistency. Make sure not to add too much water to keep the paste gluey condition of the flour mixture.

Preparations for Paper Crafts

The next step is very interesting. Take the damp paper mixture and add the flour glue mixture with it. Mix with hands or spatula very well so that every portion has the glue. Now, you are ready to use this mixture to make anything that you wish.

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Give shapes according to what you want to make. Suppose, to make a paintbrush holder, take some of the mixture and step by step give it a shape. Let the shape dry for two days or more. If the mixture has less water in it, it will dry in less time. Use hard paper or wooden sticks to give it a plain shape. After it dries up, use a base acrylic color, like white, and then paint it just like you want.

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You may give circular, triangular, cubical, pentagonal, or hexagonal shapes. Before painting makes sure to let it dry fully. Otherwise, the dampness will affect you badly and your craft will not stay long.

Household small materials, like tools, small tables, spoon holders and many more can be made with this easy newspaper mixture.

Here is a model of a paintbrush holder made with flour and newspapers.

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