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Turmeric Mask

2020 has been a difficult year, leaving us with little alternative to spending more time at home. As tough as the year has been, it has also provided us with unique opportunities. In addition to spending more time with our families, we have had more time to work on projects. And just as that is the forte of this blog, here is a list of DIY projects or Crafting Ideas you can start at home!

Knitting Crafting Ideas

Travel Tips
Travel Tips

Why it is great: It is no secret this is a craft passed down through the generations. That is because the items it creates can be worn for years after being made. Whether making scarves, gloves, or other clothing items, knitting offers a respite for the knitter. Just imagine sitting in front of the fireplace (or heater?) and knitting away.

How to begin: Under normal circumstances, joining a knitting group would be recommended. But we realize that with the current restrictions, watching instructive videos may be advisable.

Beadwork Crafting Ideas

DIY Painting Projects Try This Weekend
DIY Painting Projects Try This Weekend

Why it is great: Beadwork offers you a wide array of choices. The varieties of colors, textures, and objects you can create are limitless. An additional benefit is that unlike with say baking, you can undo your mistakes.

How to begin:  It is very easy to begin, making this the perfect beginner craft. Just buy some beads, threads, and needles. Watch a video tutorial such as this.

Bath Bomb

Best DIY Soap Making Recipe
Best DIY Soap Making Recipe

Why it is great:  Among the many reasons outlined in our tutorial, bathing in bomb-infused water provides the perfect relaxation after a long day. Essential oils are really beneficial here. The wide selection of ingredients leaves you with the chance to customize your bathing experience.  

How to begin: Shameless plug: Our blog post includes a detailed yet concise tutorial.


Cosmetics goods
Cosmetics goods

Why it is great: It demands your undivided attention, which means you can (or will have to) forget about your problems. Pottery has practically innumerable objects to create. So it really lets your creativity speak.

How to begin: Air dry clay is cost-effective and perfect for quick projects. Beginners can also make simpler objects like keychains or small containers.


Plant It as mother’s day gift
Plant It as a mother’s day gift

Why it is great: The flexibility of controlling the ingredients. Buying organic ingredients, controlling the ingredient proportions, and choosing your favorite scents are just a few examples of the freedom soap-making provides. 

How to begin: There are many easy tutorials you can access online. Here is our recipe.


Crafting Ideas

Why it is great: Making your own precious jewelry allows you to customize. There are many materials, shapes, and sizes to fit your taste. Plus, this activity will save you money from buying store jewelry.

How to begin: You can find beginner’s level jewelry instructions online. Here is a guide I can recommend.


Why it is great: You can create your own worlds. Practically any object you imagine can have a miniature representation. From dollhouses to natural landscapes, the level of creativity this activity allows is potentially endless.

How to begin: Decide whether you will start from scratch or buy a kit. If you purchase a kit, then just follow the instructions. If not, list all the items necessary to complete the project and work on each component until it all comes together.


Why it is great: The design will be unique to your vision. It requires deep focus: flow, check! The outcome will be a beautiful decorative piece you can appreciate with pride.

How to begin:  You can find step-by-step instructions on a website such as this. Just be sure to follow the instructions attentively and enjoy the tranquility.


Make these 5 DIY Crafts With Your Kids This Summer Featured
Make these 5 DIY Crafts With Your Kids This Summer

Why it is great: You can create many two- or three-dimensional shapes. It is perfect for creating art with children, while also serving an educational function. Paper-crafting is also an inexpensive activity, so you can make mistakes along the way.

How to begin: Choose a project. Purchase the necessary material: typically paper, scissors, and glue. Create your masterpiece!

Customize T-Shirts Crafting Ideas

Make crafts with unused papers
Make crafts with unused papers featured

Why it is great: Transform your old t-shirts. You can create your own designs and cuts. This also allows you to take advantage of trends on the comeback such as tie-dye.

How to begin: Figure out what you would like to do and find an example online. If the project is more complicated, be sure to find a tutorial.

Final Words for Crafting Ideas

So hopefully we have covered at least a few crafts that piqued your interest. The most important step is to get started. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, as there is no perfection without practice. Once you get the hang of it, what awaits you is a pleasurable and rewarding experience. Furthermore, these activities can be therapy for the soul.  

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Please visit us again for more content! 🙂

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